Vintage ornaments in red and green

One trip to Target for lights and we can start putting the ornaments on!

We chose vintage ornaments from our grandparents, mixed with newer ones bought this year and some older Target glitter ornaments to decorate our lovely winter-smelling tree.

I actually sniff/ smell the room every time I walk down the stairs now. Weird? Maybe a little. But it smells like holidays!!

Of course the carols went back on the speakers and we sang along as we decked out our tree.

The only weird part is that the light strand in the middle is a different kind than the top and bottom, so in pictures the glare around the lights shows up differently. Our tree is wearing a belly band!

We have the best tree topper too. It changes colors so sometimes it is really, really pretty and matchy with our holiday color scheme, and at other times it is horrendous and gross and matches nothing. I love it.

Pretty pretty princess!

You can see the ornaments better in black and white.

Our mantle.

I would love to take credit for the lovely mantle, but really I can’t. My roommate put that together but I think it looks fantabulous. I adore those white flowers over in the corner, and though you can’t see, we have our stockings hanging from the tree and snowflake stocking holders. The garland has red berries in it, and there are two vanilla scented taper candles evening it out. In this picture it doesn’t look symmetric, but in real life it is.

I have been really enjoying reading everyone’s blogs about holiday decorating!

Link Love for a few favorites so far:

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking has a simple mantle that is simply divine. White and burlap and so clean. One day I would love to do holiday decor in this style.

Home Utility Blog. I might be in love with the stars on this one. Any one know where I can find them?

Design Lines 25 days of mantle inspiration. I couldn’t resist showing y’all the white plant pots on this one:

Merry, merry, everyone!

One comment on “Vintage ornaments in red and green

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks for linking to our mantle inspiration post!! – Lauren @ Design Lines Ltd.

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