My house smells like a fir tree.

The evergreens have arrived! Our halls are decked (literally! I covered the bannister in green garland), the tree is decorated and the carols are being sung.

We picked up our Christmas tree at a little farmer’s market my roommate found. The people there were really nice, and they gave us tangerines and candy canes! The tangerines were delicious. A definite perk of buying your tree at a market!

Yum. Tangerines!

And our tree was perfect. Bushy and full and healthy and it smells great, for a dead tree 😉

The guys at the farmers market put a stand on the tree for us, at the tree lot, so we didn’t have to do it when we got home. And they put cardboard down so it didn’t scratch the car on the way home. See? Super nice.

Evergreens, fir trees.

Then we went home and decorated! With the seasonal music channel on OnDemand and some holiday cheer, we chose our colors this year: Red and green.

We started to decorate, but didn’t have enough lights to go around, so the best part had to wait…

Are you all decorating trees this year? Do you opt for fake or real trees?

What’s your color scheme?


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