Holidays: 25 days of free Christmas songs

I think it’s hilarious that has a last-minute gift section and it’s only Dec. 5! People, these are not last minute gifts until you’re paying for overnight shipping and sweating that the gift might not arrive until AFTER the holiday. At that point, you really should put real clothes on, leave the house and buy and wrap an actual item.

However, Amazon and online shopping has been wonderful this year. Since I started in November, packages have been arriving right on time and I feel like I’m totally on top of the gift-giving this  year.

Anyway… I’ve downloaded a few of Amazon’s free holiday songs because Amazon is doing a free 25 songs leading up to Christmas. My favorite so far is the Dec. 6 “Angels We Have Heard on High” by Bayside.

If you want some free Christmas music, go to the Amazon holiday music store.

Also, it’s pretty awesome to get a bunch of shopping done without having to put on pants. 😉

I’m also pretty excited to add a new holiday album to my collection. I bought She & Him’s holiday album. I just love Zooey’s voice. So mellow and cheery! Of course, the album that feels the MOST like Christmas to me is the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers classic “Once Upon A Christmas.”

*This isn’t a sponsored post – just a tip for some free stuff on the Internet!

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