Thanksgiving: The belated edition

It’s been a bit busy busy around here lately, what with Thanksgiving, getting ready for Christmas AND rehearsing for my concert this weekend!

(If you’re in CA and want to hear great music – go to this site and buy a ticket!!)

The Thanksgiving tradition I am starting revolves around food. Really, are you surprised?

The last two years I have gotten scone mix from a church holiday sale and baked pumpkin  and chocolate chip scones the night before Thanksgiving. This year I made them rounder and a little smaller. More bite-size. And about 4 of them went bad before I (and Vincent, but who are we kidding, I ate most of them!) could eat the entire 2 dozen scones.

The famous, tradition-making scone mix!

Mixing batter. With my hands. That stuff is goooey.

An interesting (to me) fact: The light colored spots you see in the dough came out in the finished scones. The spots didn’t taste any differently than the darker parts, they just look a little different.

Nom nom nom!


While I was busy getting my hands covered in very sticky dough, Vincent was on the other side of the kitchen making a mixed-berry pie using the All Recipes blackberry pie recipe.

It looked, smelled, and tasted AMAZING. Seriously. Yum.

If I didn’t eat 4 pieces of pie after a full Thanksgiving dinner I would have devoured a good chunk of this thing.

Ready for the oven! What did one muffin say to the other? Just kidding! (That's for you, L, if you're reading)

Don't lick this. It isn't cooked yet!


Thanksgiving dinner itself was wonderful. Good times, good memories, good food (I’m particularly proud of the green bean non-casserole I made and the sweet carrots. Happy to report very little leftovers!) and an all over good day.

The Cowboys won! Woohoo! Though it was a pretty darn close game.

And we all got to verbalize our thankfulness for family, friends, turkey and alcohol.


There, on the left, are my green beans. And above them, my mom’s famous and delicious deviled eggs.

Another good thing about the holidays? Leftovers during the work week!

Honestly, it's not the camera that's blurry 😉

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