Not in Japan: Takoyaki!

Didn’t take very long for us to find a little slice of Japan here, did it?

We found a takoyaki stand outside a grocery store that sells a ton of the yummy Japanese foods we ‘discovered’ overseas.

The tako balls are not as big as the ones we had in Japan, and they did not have quite as large slices of octopus inside them, but they were warm and delicious nonetheless, on a chilly night in November (yea, yea, I’m a little behind here. It’s shopping season!).

Takoyaki made in California.

So you can compare, here’s our takoyaki from a stand in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese takoyaki. In Japan.

Which one looks better to you?

Message me or leave a comment if you want the address of the takoyaki stand! We drove by the other night and it wasn’t there, though, so it might not be there all the time.

2 comments on “Not in Japan: Takoyaki!

  1. Don says:

    I’m sure you can’t get that in Kingman AZ

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