Who wants to adopt me?

As part of my choir’s fundraising campaign, we are giving people the chance to “adopt” a singer.

Our lovely marketing guru wrote up these bios on all the singers, and guess who one of the featured singers is?

That’s right, me!

If you’re interested in reading, my bio is online here. We appreciate any and all donations, no matter the size. Heck, I’d be happy for a 15 cent donation ­čÖé

We have a concert coming up Dec. 10 and 11 that is virgin Mary themed for the holidays

I am very, very, very excited to be singing a solo on one of the movements in the┬áCecilia McDowall’s “Magnificat.” Though I’ve got to say, our other soloists are simply incredible.

And our performance marks the U.S. premiere of the piece! It should be a good show. If you’re in the LB-area please stop by!

Yup, that’s us! ­čÖé

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