2011 Thanksgiving!

Mmm Thanksgiving. I’ve been looking forward to your moist turkeys, bad family jokes and pumpkin pie for a month now.

I hope everyone out in the world is enjoying a day with friends and good food, whether or not Thanksgiving is being celebrated.

I have so much to be thankful for and to appreciate. I’m lucky my family and I get along, and that we live close enough to see each other fairly often. I’m lucky to have, quite honestly, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, and am so thankful for all the time we get to spend together. I wake up most mornings smiling and that’s all because of him.

Though I know ‘things’ are not the point, today I am also grateful that I have all the things I need.

I’m grateful to my parents for raising me to be a responsible adult and I know that the life I have now is mostly because of what they taught me. And I’m thankful to my aunts, uncles and family friends who filled in gaps and proved excellent role models.

This might be a silly one, but I am thankful that I can appreciate. I am glad that I don’t look at the world and think, ‘Meh, just another sunset.’ Because every day is different and has new things to show us.

And I hope by the end of today I can add a  Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving win over the Dolphins to my list of things to be grateful for! Go team!

Dallas Cowboys take on the Dolphins on Thanksgiving day!

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