Thankful: Canon camera

(The phrase “Canon camera” makes me think of “Candid Camera.” Anyone else remember that show?)

As you’ll remember, my camera was broken the weekend before Halloween, just less than one month after I bought it for my trip to Japan.

I picked the Canon PowerShot because it’s an upgraded version of my old Canon Powershot, which still works even though it’s really, really old and beat up from being bumped around in my purse for nearly a decade. I was in a rush to buy a camera and needed one I already knew how to work since I was getting on a plane an hour after I bought it.

The only reason I chose to upgrade is because I lost the battery charger when my family visited Sedona. The charger was in a zip lock bag along with the cord that connected my MP3 player to my car audio, and a USB port to charge my phone. None of these items have been seen since. Sedona must have swallowed them. Maybe they are in a vortex (haha just kidding).

I was unable to find ANY Canon chargers any where even though I called every store in the county that might have one, and scoured the Canon website. Universal Canon chargers exist, but I couldn’t get one shipped in time for us to leave, so I ended up buying a whole new camera.

I’m really glad I did! This camera takes wonderful pictures without me having to do much work. It also has some fun features like “fisheye” and “toy camera.”

Anyway, this whole long-winded post is so I can express my appreciation for the company. I put off taking my poor broken but beautiful machinery to the Canon repair shop for more than a week because I was afraid it would be expensive to fix the stuck lens.

But when I got to the repair shop, they took my sad broken camera and said they would not fix it, but would send me a new camera because I am under warranty for a year! Hooray!  I was told it would take exactly a week for a new camera to arrive at my house, but I got the package two days early!

And even though I had taken out the battery, SD card and had the cords and accessory CD at home, they sent all new ones with my shiny new camera so now I have an extra battery I can carry around in case the first one runs out!

Thank you, Canon, for making a girl happy before the holidays!

Canon is probably not the only great camera maker. It seems a lot of bloggers are on Nikon. If you love your camera, tell me why in the comments!

*This post is not sponsored by Canon. They don’t even know that I’m writing it. But since it’s post-on-what-you’re-thankful-for-week the timing felt right*

2 comments on “Thankful: Canon camera

  1. we are in the market for a camera! And i have always loved my canon powershots. I want to get the elph… with megazoom. we’ll see

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