Sedona: Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock

Continuing to follow our handy online vortex guide, we trekked out to Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock in the late afternoon.

I had hoped to go swimming but as it was nearing dusk little tiny bugs were hopping all over the surface of the water. No, thank you.

Instead, we walked around very slowly and my mom planked. (In case you don’t know what that is, planking is a ridiculous trend that has since been replaced by owling or some such. Planking: a person lies flat across a random object or area).

We didn’t walk far enough to find the spot where the vortex was reported to be, but we did see some lovely views, relax by the water and watch my mom plank, so I think this was a success.

I’ve already written about how the spiders stopped us from continuing on our journey, so I’ll just quote myself. What? It feels quite strange to write that.

“I suggest hiking Red Rock Crossing during the day time, when you can swim in the creek. We went at dusk and the bugs were coming out. When we were ready to walk deeper into the forested area, the spiders started coming out. I swear, it was like something out of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Hagrid tells Harry to follow the spiders, and there are little black spiders EVERYWHERE.

This makes me a total Harry Potter nerd, but my brother also knew what I was talking about so at least I’m not alone :)

My sister was walking toward the forest as spiders were crawling out of holes on both sides of the path. That was our cue to get the hell out of there.”

Original post at this link. 

We have no idea if this little building is used for a purpose, but it sure looks nice against the backdrop.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

See that smile? That's because I *almost* fell into the water just half a second before this picture was taken!

We walked a ways down the path and found an adorable couple, also visiting Sedona, sitting together with their feet dipped in the cool water. We talked to them a bit, but I snapped this before we interrupted their peace.


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