Sedona: Boynton Canyon (vortex)

You can’t visit Sedona, AZ, without doing some hiking. At least, you should not. Because there are many easy hikes any one can do, and some good harder ones.

In our quest to visit all of the vortex sites, we hiked the easy trail in Boynton Canyon up to the Kachina Woman. We got directions of this website that talks about the vortex energies.

Even though it was an easy-peasy hike, we still signed the guest book at the entrance to the trail. Supposedly someone will come after you if you never sign out when you leave. I’d like to think we would be rescued. I have no idea if any0ne actually checks the guest book.

Looks like the right way... right?

I am 100 percent sure my brother would have rather traveled Deadman’s Pass for the challenge. Some of these trails looked pretty gnarly. And there are cacti (cactus? cactuses?) all over the place just waiting to stab someone in the leg.

Once you hike up a bit, as in the rest of the city, the view gets intense.

Views from Boynton Canyon trail

The path is about 2 miles, from what I remember. The trail winds up and around the hill, bringing you to a great spot for viewing. You probably can climb further up to the very top, but it gets pretty vertical and probably wouldn’t be safe unless you are an expert climber.

A couple people tried to get a leg up onto the thinner hill at the top of the trail, but they climbed back down after realizing they probably would fall off and die.

It was a good hike up, and a nice spot to rest once you get up there. We had a good breeze coming in, and not many other people hiking around there are the same time.

Around a few of the “vortex” sites we found red rocks stacked in formation all over the place. It was pretty cool to look at. When we asked around town, we were told that people made those rock piles to mark a site of spiritual importance to them.

I didn’t find one particular spot here that had the same sense of strong energy we found at Airport Vortex earlier. But my mother and sister said they felt an energy here, and we noticed some of the Juniper trees had twisted to the left just like at the Airport site.

If you’ve been to Sedona, or another ‘vortex’ site, please share your experiences! I’m curious what other people felt or didn’t feel at these spots.

These rock piles mark a site of spriritual importance for the person making them.

One comment on “Sedona: Boynton Canyon (vortex)

  1. Dewey Robinson,Brian Harvill says:

    We stayed at Sky Ranch Lodge atop airport mesa. I had an extreme amount of energy immediately. Later we were talking to someone and ask where the vortex’s were.In conversation it came up that we were staying there,they said,your sleeping in one.Were going back Sept.3rd.Can’t wait to recharge again! It was exactly what we were hoping for!

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