Sedona: Silliness and spiritualism

My family made a pact to visit all the Sedona vortex sites, just in case the rumors are true.

We didn’t want to force the experience and didn’t hire a tour guide or do any of the Sedona Vortex tours. Instead, we pulled up this website and followed their very good directions to each of the sites.

A vortex is… well… I’m not entirely sure, but appears to be a sort of concentrated site of natural, spiritual energy emanating from the earth. No one seems sure why there are so many in Sedona, and so near each other. Maybe the whole city is a vortex with some concentrated areas people have discovered? The vortex is supposed to affect everyone differently. Some people don’t feel anything different at all and others have varied reactions.

My sister and mother standing near the Airport Vortex.See where the ground is trampled?

For me, in certain places I felt an energy. My whole body felt pleasantly buzzy. If I stepped away the feeling would dissipate. I found two such spots to stand in at the Airport Vortex. I had just been walking, headed toward a higher spot where I could take more photos, when I felt an energy all of a sudden come over me.

So I stood still.

And then looked down, and realized that the dirt had been trampled thin just where I was standing. So it wasn’t just me. This was a feeling shared by enough people that the trail had been changed.

My sister, standing in the spot, was compelled to spin in a circle, to the left.

When we tracked down the twisted Juniper trees the website mentions, we noticed they were twisted to the left. Pretty cool stuff. And easily could be coincidence. Who knows.

In other sites I didn’t have nearly the same feeling, even at Bell Rock, which is supposed to be the strongest.

Even if you don’t have a spiritual experience, or feel any kind of special energy, there’s something cool about Sedona. So we took a bunch of photos. More than 300 over the course of the trip.

They started out nice…

He's single, ladies!

Then I discovered that my camera will take a picture a second if someone holds down the button.

And that’s when things started to get silly.

Goobers, all of you!!!

I kind of love the juxtaposition of the absolutely stunning scenery behind us… yet we’re not examining theories of how the world and its beauty came to be or even contemplating the wonder of it all.

In the presence of such a gorgeous natural setting you’d think we’d be a little more somber. Or something.

Instead, we get goofy.  All of us!

Can't you tell? We are all angels! Hahaha

Just one of many... an embarrassing number, really.


This is my absolute favorite pose photo.

I’ll be kind and spare you the rest of the photos… This little photo shoot degenerated pretty darn fast. Even my mom got into it, jumping around like an idiot with the rest of us.

But if you ignore my crazy family and look behind us, you’ll see something pretty spectacular!

One comment on “Sedona: Silliness and spiritualism

  1. that looks amazing!! I have never heard of these vortex things you mention!
    And I’ve never been to Sedona. Maybe Eric and I will have to take a long weekend there.

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