Sedona: August rainbows

Back in August I visited Sedona for a week with my family. During that week it was nice hot beach weather at home, but in Sedona it was HOT with rain, thunder and lightning.

You could easily wear a t-shirt and shorts with a gorgeous blue sky overhead and it could start raining 10 minutes later. We don’t have that kind of weather in SoCal, so it was weird, but nice.

This photo of a rainbow (there’s a matching other-half photo too!) was taken from the car just as we arrived at our timeshare. The first few days I was all about the rainbow photos, but that enthusiasm waned around the 50th rainbow.

It was also drizzling at the time, but you can’t really see that. Raindrops on the red rock deepen the color, making the scenery even more breathtaking.

Rainbow in Red Rock Sedona. Photos taken by RubySongbird so please don't steal!

We checked into our timeshare and headed back out to the grocery store, watching for lighting and thunder along the way. Later we stopped at the side of the road and climbed a small hill at Airport Road to see what we could from a higher vantage point.

The landscape here is simply gorgeous. There really aren’t words to do justice to the beauty of the natural world here.

Airport Road in Sedona, AZ

I love pictures of paths and directional signs… not sure what it is about seeing a stairway, path, road or trail leading away that makes me so happy. This is the road we took to Airport Road, where we got off at the supposed vortex site, wandered around and took a ton of photos.

My brother and I climbed to the top of a little hill there. We noticed Sedona provides many lovely places to sit and contemplate.

Smooth rocks make a great seat and even if you only walk a little ways up, every lookout spot is worth a few minutes of gazing.

Shortly after we parked and climbed the sky cleared and we had this view for about an hour before the sun began to set.I like to think that when the sunlight shines down through the clouds like that, it’s the world giving us a tiny glimpse at heaven.

Sedona sky. Photo belongs to RubySongbird. Please don't steal!

2 comments on “Sedona: August rainbows

  1. Absolutely breathtaking photos! 🙂 These cannot all be from your phone, right? If so, I need your phone. haha

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