Y’all, it’s officially Fall. Sweater time.

I held off as long as possible.

Eventually, I gave in to the fact that it’s gettin’ colder outside, and my summer wardrobe was not keeping up. It’s just not cool to wear the same few outfits every week. People will start to think I have no clothes (Hah!).

So I hiked up my quarter-length sleeves and pulled the winter clothes out.

Yes, I realize I live in California, and probably am one of very few people who do this. But in my defense, I live in an apartment and even with my big ‘ol wall-length closet I don’t have space for all of my stuff to be out all year. Plus, this gives me a great opportunity to donate anything I didn’t wear that season.

There are five shopping bags of clothes and other random things I’ll be dropping off at Salvation Army this week. I also *finally* donated all my old cell phones. I knew I couldn’t throw them out because it’s not good for the landfills, and cell phone parts must be easily reusable even if you just melt them down. So I’d been saving all the cords and everything in a box, along with four cell phones. Four. Two of them from my college days and spanning four apartments.

I tell ya, the guys at the Sprint store were impressed. Either that or they think I’m insane.

So, to show off my organizational skills, I thought I’d share with you the glory of the long-sleeved shirts and sweaters that greet me when I leave the closet doors open.

(Imagine heavenly music as you scroll down.)

Looking cozy, yes?

Lovely, right? It’s like getting new clothes every six months, because by the time the weather changes, I’ve forgotten all the other things I have!

Though after a brief stint (like, 2 years) where I hung my clothing in order of both type of clothes in order of length (pants, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc.), and by color, I’ve  given up and now group everything by the type of clothes only, and not by color. This saves me time because all my weekend shirts are in one place and all my workday shirts are neighbors so it’s a little quicker getting dressed in the morning.

While we’re on the topic of organizing things that don’t really need to be organized, let’s share my bookcase:

LOVE this quote, from a birthday card from a dear friend.

A few years ago I was inspired by a friend’s bookshelves, which were organized by color. It looked incredibly more sophisticated and purposeful than the way I had done it for years — organizing by genre.

Though I no longer have all my nonfiction in one place, I actually find it easier to find books because I only have to remember what color they are. I have a six-shelf bookcase in my bedroom and a three-shelf shortie in my closet. I don’t want to spend time remembering if the romance novels (don’t judge) are near the history section or down by the cookbooks. I just think of what the cover looks like and BAM, there it is.

Plus, I think it looks better, if a tad bit OCD.

It’s been like this for a while now, and I’m about ready for a change.

How do YOU think I should do my bookshelf next time?

And don’t even joke about just throwing it all up there, because that ain’t happening. 🙂

See that gourd? Frickin' fall, that's right!

8 comments on “Y’all, it’s officially Fall. Sweater time.

  1. Isabelle says:

    oh, I love the bit about feeling like getting new clothes every six months because of the changing of seasons and the clothes you forgot!
    same sentiment here, which is great because living in paris doesn’t exactly make you a girl with extra pennies for new clothes.

  2. Sara says:

    I really love that quote! I used to change clothes for the seasons when I lived in California but now that I’m in hawaii most of the time its just warm all year round.

    Thanks for joining my giveaway! Goodluck!

  3. The quote on your bookshelf is really sweet! 🙂 I like your closet organization! And kudos on all the donating!

  4. toosoxy says:

    i refuse! i live in the mountains of north carolina and i refuse to accept that 20 degrees means the winter clothes boxes need to open. i am not a fan of being frozen and will avoid winter as long as possible.

  5. […] 22. Organization. For when I want to wear a blue sweater and I know exactly where they are. […]

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