Halloween: The Costume Edition

I  realize it’s officially not Halloween any more, but I hadn’t yet shared with you the awesomeness that was my costume!

As you’ll realize from reading past posts (namely, this) or from talking to me, I’ve been watching Firefly. Eventually, the need to know what happens outweighed my need for the show not to end, so I also watched Serenity. If you are even a little bit nerdy and just a teeny bit enjoy Star Trek, or Legend of the Seeker, or anything like that, you should go to Hulu and watch Firefly Season 1 right now. If you’re on Netflix, you can watch it there, too. Go watch it, now.

Go on, I’ll wait.

Though the movie aired in 2005 and the show ended after just one season, we decided to go as Mal and Inara for Halloween.

Unbeknownst to me, there’s a whole cosplay thing goin’ on with this show. Most of them are terrible. In my own humble opinion our costumes were pretty great.

My costume is store bought and I fully expect that the majority of people in the world (and at Halloween parties in the good ol’ O.C.) have no idea who the heck I am supposed to be.

Mal and Inara

Guesses ranged from Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie (clearly not, she wears pants), to Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin movie (obvious no, since she wears blue and also, pants) to a geisha girl (um.. no).

No one guessed Bollywood dancer, which was what the costume was called when I bought it in fancy plastic packaging at the Costume Castle.

But it absolutely made my night that the few people who knew the show knew right away that I was supposed to be Inara. After seeing Mal, of course. You kinda need the reference to get the outfit.

My cousin even texted my mom to let her know her daughter was a prostitute. Good to know family’s watchin’ out. 🙂

Halloween was a total success.  And a good mix of boozin’ adult party time and PG rated fun, with a Sunday night pajama-time viewing of “The Rite“, and pumpkin buying and decorating last week with my little cousins!

There are also tiny pumpkins and gourds decorating my bedroom. I’m planning to keep them up through Thanksgiving. It’s freakin’ fall – time to get seasonal!

One comment on “Halloween: The Costume Edition

  1. Mal and Inara!!!! So cute! You and your man look great!

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