The chill is in the air

Briskness has returned to the air. It may finally be time to get the winter clothes out of storage and start wearing scarves again!

Of course, now that I have typed that, we will have a heat wave.

Last night was chilly enough for me to pull out my big ‘ol college sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers.

After a year of freezing, I finally put my tomatoes of last year’s garden to use by making tomato sauce.

I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but I didn’t feel like pasta and I was cooking for one. I cooked some chicken, plain, and poured my homemade tomato sauce over it. Then I ate the whole concoction with some cornbread. Found the mix in the cupboard! Love when I buy things and then forget about them until the perfect moment.


The secret is to skin the tomatoes, which is pretty easy once they are frozen. Then, shake some garlic salt and other spices, to taste into the pot where your tomatoes are boiling down. Once you’ve got a good consistency, pour over cooked chicken!

Of course, while you do this the cornbread muffins are in the oven. Then enjoy!