Curling up with a familiar face: Comfort TV?

When I’m not feeling well, whether I’m sick or just feeling down, I turn to reruns.

From my seat bundled up on the sofa cushions, I grab the remote. Not to see what’s on, or to indulge in all the day time television I miss when I’m at work.

No, I look for reruns. Comfort television. Old episodes of “Gilmore Girls” (at this point they are all old, yes?), “Bewitched” or “Perry Mason.”

There’s something about knowing the characters, the theme song, knowing what’s going to happen over the course of an hour that’s calming. You don’t have to think about it or stress or worry about the characters because you already know the outcome (I suppose I really get into my TV shows. Even when I know the main character will live I still tense up when they inevitably get into bad situations. Good thing I don’t watch reality TV!).

Just as good as comfort food, and less calories!

Even when primetime tempts with new episodes, I’d rather save those for happier times and turn to Netflix for something I’ve seen before.

I thought it was just me.  But the other day my sick boyfriend was watching old episodes of “The Simpsons.” He sat through a couple of them before switching to the UK “Top Gear.”

I asked if he’d like to watch something new, like “The Office” or a new-to-us episode of “Firefly.” We’re about a season behind on The Office and have been putting off finishing Firefly because once it’s over, well, there’s no more after the movie Serenity.

Anyway… he said no, he wanted to watch them when he’s healthy so he can fully enjoy them. I completely agree.

Are we the strange ones or is this a pretty common occurrence? Is repeat television the best comfort activity?