Almost back to normal



It’s amazing how quickly we readjust to things.

A week ago we were on a plane, flying across the ocean in one very long day. Now, its back to work, hectic schedules and regular life.

That also means regular meals. I went on a bit of a grocery shopping spree, buying fruits like they’re goin’ out of style.

I also bought a cantaloupe on sale.

Then I read that people are dying from listeria on cantaloupes and promptly threw it out. I’d already eaten one piece and cut up the rest… but I couldn’t bite into it knowing there is a chance it could be contaminated. Crazy?

The first few days home I ate Jack in the Box and In N Out. It felt good to turn on the oven again for real food.

And yams! Delicious seasonal sweet yams with butter and brown sugar. A good contrast to the bell pepper salad and complement to the salmon with sweet dijon/syrup.