Japan on my desktop

Now that all the pictures are uploaded and shared with family who I can’t inflict with the 800-some-photo slideshow, I’ve saved some as backgrounds for my phone and computer.

I am a huge fan of Lifehacker.com’s Wallpaper Wednesdays and generally change my work computer to match their theme of the week. I find it refreshes my mind somehow and maybe, just maybe, makes me a smidgen more productive.

But at home, I want personal. I want relaxing, and something to make me smile.

And I’m happy to share these pictures if you want a copy – just send me an email!

Here’s my desktop background, from our day visit to Kamakura.

Hokokuji temple, Japan

I am still debating which image will grace my cell phone background… Probably a photo from one of the temples. The city pictures are too busy for such a tiny screen!