Things I don’t miss about Japan

I know, I know. I debated doing this post because I really don’t want to be a downer. However, there are lovely things about California that I am freshly grateful for and would not have realized without time abroad.

1. Flip-flops and spaghetti strap shirts year-round. I said in a previous post that “I could use more fashion pressure.” That’s still true. But when it’s hot outside, people in CA wear something weather-appropriate, not season-appropriate. And sometimes, that’s OK.

2. Mexican food. Tokyo had a variety of world-food restaurants, but not the plethora of Mexican places we have here. Also, sandwich shops.

3. Being able to drive places when it’s raining or cold outside. I’m a big fan of public transportation, and Tokyo had great weather when we were there, but I would not want to wait at a bus stop or walk to a train station in cold or rainy weather.

4. Fitness classes at the gym, and not having to take a bus to get to the park.

5. Deliciously terrible television.