Home again: Things I miss about Japan

We’ve been home one day and I already miss some things about Japan.

1. The efficiency of escalators. People in Japan stand to the left so those in a hurry can pass on the right. By the time we got to LAX, that habit was gone. I was all ready to shove some people to the side so I could plow my way to customs. Some of the older Japanese people were habitually standing to the left, and I appreciate that.

2. Small and large flush options for toilets. This just make sense. Why waste the extra water if you only need a tiny flush?

3. Effective public transportation and walkable streets. In Japan, we walk, take a bus or train to get anywhere. It didn’t take long to remember how horrible traffic can be.

4. Book stores everywhere! Why doesn’t America read? I don’t even care if it’s chick lit or graphic novels. We need more book stores.

5. Healthy portions of healthy food. The only time I felt stuffed was when we ate pizza — 4 mid-sized pizzas for 4 people is too much. Every other meal was healthy, light and small enough that I could eat it all and be happily content. Tacoyaki, granted, not super healthy, but OK if you only eat one or two and share the rest.

6. Fashion. Everyone has a style and people put on makeup before they leave the house. I could use more fashion pressure. Also, dressing seasonally. It’s October. Why am I in Rainbows and a tank top?

7. Non-tourists taking pictures. I’m not the only one!

Japan, I miss your crowded streets, flashy lights and noisy cities!