Day 8: Park cafe!

Kichijoji has an amazing park with a lake, coffee house, restaurant, zoo… It blows my central park away.

Their “park cafe” is this:


And there’s a cute little coffee shop with signs saying no photos, screaming children or yapping dogs. I snapped a picture before they opened (also before I saw the no photos signs). Our drinks came with lovely foam art.


We met up with a friend at Mother’s pizza shop near the park. Oh man, they make a good pizza. I never would have thought to put honey on a cheese pizza but now that I know, my world is changed.


The rest of the afternoon Vincent and I spent wandering Jiyugaoka and shopping, talking, resting at a hidden temple and reading about Buddhism. All in all, a lovely day.


We hit up the grocery store near Dain’s apartment and cooked up pasta with shrimp, garlic bread and salad for dinner!


I’m realizing that we only have one more day and it is far from enough, since we lose a day and gain a day traveling. There are still things I want to experience here, but we have exceeded my expectations of the amount of sightseeing we could do.

I cannot wait to come back!


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