Day 9: Seeing green… ribbit!

Saved up an appetite this morning for a rice omelet. At least, it’s a rough translation.

The cafe was beyond what you would call frog-themed. Frogs found in every discernible space. Even the telephone was a frog!


We speculated whether the owner/chef is truly that into frogs, or maybe he got one or two and suddenly everyone thought he was into frogs so kept buying him more frog things until th cafe was overrun with the amphibians.


Tadpoles and mommy frog? Daddy frog? Is it safe to drink this tea?


It doesn’t really matter though, because the decor is cute and the food is delicious! I didn’t have high hopes for a dish made of curry, rice and eggs. Now that I know it exists, and how good it tastes, I’ll have to learn to recreate this in my own kitchen.


Sadly, today is the day we travel back in time, and across the ocean, home to California (and stay awake somehow for 30-some hours).


The bus ride back to Narita finally allowed me to see the ocean and the harbors as we crossed a bridge or two toward the airport. I wonder how long it will take me to stop replacing English with the few Japanese words I know?


Vincent and I noticed on the airport limousine that the little man and woman stick figures indicating a bathroom are a tad different in the states. Our little stick woman has a longer skirt! Japanese stick women are clearly more leggy.

Also, the sign outside the men’s restroom at Narita, in addition to giving a map of the bathroom architecture, also depicts what looks like a man changing another fully grown man’s diaper. I wish I had taken a picture of that but security was already hurrying us along.

Sayonara, Japan! Hope to see you again soon!