But I am already doing this!

In order to boost flagging tourism after the nuclear disaster, earthquakes and tsunami, the Japan Tourism Agency has proposed a bold plan. They’re going to give away 10,000 free round-trip tickets.

Good Morning America says that the catch is that would-be travelers will need to submit a detailed travel plan, and, more importantly, write a review of their time in Japan and post in online.

The post ( found here) states that the funds aren’t approved yet and this wouldn’t happen until April. Also, the bloggers would get a free plane ticket but pay for their own food and hotel.

Still… Vincent and I are here now, in this post-earthquake world, and are testimony to the fact that it’s safe. And the tuna is delicious.


Not only that, but we have seen other tourists (read: awkward white people) out in the city. Mostly near the temple yesterday, but a few elsewhere. A nice Australian man pushing a stroller asked us what tacoyaki was right before we bit into the octopus-filled fried carb balls. He declined, moved on and we haven’t seen him since.


Oh! And there was a group of tourists in line behind us to get into the maid cafe. German, maybe?

This probably is a fraction of the normal number of tourists, but the place is not completely bereft.

It is safe. The city is lovely, the temples are grand, and it’s kind of nice being two of fewer tourists around.

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