Day 5: leaving onsen; Shimokitazawa shopping

The photos on the last post are actually from the morning we left the onsen. To match the theme, we tried watching Spirited Away, but we only made it halfway before getting too tired.

Last night we visited the grocery store — not too different from the US stores, but more fish and less bakery.

I’m pretty behind on posting.. Sorry. We have been packing in a ton of sightseeing and are too tired at night to hook up Internet.

These photos are from the shopping we did after the onsen. We stopped at a burger joint to rest our feet and Vince got a caramel drink.


Dad, if you are reading this… This picture of a shirt is for you!



Not in the running for the best worst english, but still good. One of my favorite shirts has a college-style round logo and the words, “fabric purple.”


I love all the bicycles everywhere, parked in stalls or in giant parking lots.


Here are Vincent and Dain talking about where to go next. This is a hipper area with lots of boutique shops. We were all tired so we decided on grocery store take out and pajamas.


Vincent and I resting at a table outside Freshness Burger. The caramel coffee was very good. We got a chance to rest, check our email and read.

I cannot possibly pack everything into this blog… Certainly not while typing on the iPad! I cannot wait to share all the photos. I have taken at least 500 so far and just opened a new 4 gig card!

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