Day 3: The great earbud search

Todays window shopping is brought to you by Kichijoji. We hit the mall and the electronics store so Vincent could replace his broken earbuds.


The earbuds are on floor three. I have never seen such a large and loud electronics store. Sales people are yelling out sales, the machines are demonstrating their speakers and loudspeakers were announcing who knows what as we wandered the first three floors.


Pretty sure neither of us have ever seen so many choices in earbuds. We literally browsed aisle after aisle pondering the merits of jewels, in-ear vs. out of ear, color and size and brand. And we found walk-men! I didn’t even know people still used those!



The whole experience was so overwhelming that Vincent succumbed to decision fatigue and could not pick so we left.



While he was checking them out, I messed with my camera some more. Then we sat on a bench and people-watched/rested our feet for a bit.



We found a pretty cool looking apartment building a few doors down from the electronics store. I liked the pattern of the balconies and the stairs leading to the first floor.



Vincent finally made a decision and then we hoofed it back to the train for Harajuku for dinner!

One comment on “Day 3: The great earbud search

  1. Mama Marquez says:

    You two are looking pretty snazzy!

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