Day 3: Kichijoji, Shibuya and Harajuku

Following a leisurely morning sleeping in, we hit the town to see more of Kichijoji and for dinner met up in Harajuku.

Because it’s fall, and the Japanese are very stylish (at least in our age group), we left the sandals at home and wore season-appropriate clothes and shoes. We noticed a couple other foreigners wearing sandals, but all the Japanese were in closed-toed shoes.

Lunch was Indian food at a restaurant run by Nepalese people. I had pumpkin curry and Vincent ordered mutton curry, followed by chai tea. The place had been featured on tv so they played the clip for us.

I also started playing with the camera settings, as you’ll see in future pictures.

The colorful photo at the end was a display outside a store across the street from the Indian restaurant. I love the bright colors. Standing next to it was a tall wooden wine rack, but i couldn’t fit it in one photo because we were standing too close. The streets, especially the narrow ones, are full of people all the time. You have to keep moving. Everyone seems to have a destination.

We did a little window shopping today but unfortunately shoes here do not fit me! My 9.5 size feet won’t fit into the dainty flats or comfortable looking boots. I asked if the shoes here are made better or more comfortable because people do so much walking every day, but was told no, the shoes can be just as uncomfortable.






We were walking around looking for a recycling bin for our empty water bottles when we turned down the wrong street and found some seedy looking signs, girls in maid costumes that totally could have been early Halloween but weren’t, and a neat-looking building filled with bars.

Streets here are so clean! There are people everywhere, biking, walking, crowding into the intersections, and yet I’ve seen ONE piece of litter so far. And that was wedged between the slots in a bench, so it was probably accidental.


These racks are for bicycle parking. Some you can park overnight. People don’t lock their bikes up like we do — they have a back wheel lock/kickstand.

And though the sodas, ice cream, sweets and other foods aren’t as sweet, Dr. Pepper tastes the same.


One comment on “Day 3: Kichijoji, Shibuya and Harajuku

  1. Mama Marquez says:

    Love, love, love, hearing and seeing your blog! Oodles of thanks!

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