Day 3: Harajuku take 1

It was dark when we arrived at the train station in Harajuku. Great shopping including a 100 yen shop on the main street, and seriously fancy shopping a street away.



We walked into the costume shop and ogled over some blingin’ suits and corset outfits which were not just for Halloween… I took a picture of the display and got yelled at but the street is so loud I didn’t hear.

Down a side street past some art galleries, one with a great painting of an octopus flower, we found the restaurant. It was okonomiyaki, really yummy with lots of egg and a little bacon.



I took another picture that does not feature my outstretched arm, but apparently failed to upload the right version.

Instead of getting back on the train at Harajuku, we walked through Shibuya, crossed the famous intersection, and took a train back. Every designer name was featured here, and they recently got Forever 21 and H&M too. We stopped in at a gigantic Ralph Lauren to check out the men’s bags (boys carry bags here, not just backpacks or laptop cases). They had some cool displays but I imagine they would frown on photography.

We also went into a mall designed by a famous architect but I dont have photos there either because I obeyed the ‘no photography’ sign. And because the French sweets store was too crowded. Vincent and I looked at the varied flavors of macaroons.

We did not see any of the crazily dressed Japanese people who hang out here but if we return at the right time we maybe can take some stealth photos of them. Dain says they freak out if you ask to take a picture…. But we are tourists so maybe they will oblige?

On the way, we popped into a conveni where Vincent bought an energy drink and I got an ice cream cone. I almost bought ice cream but it was something like ¥350 for a single serving size of haagen-daz. The ice cream I did buy was not overly sweet and had a stiffer consistency than the ice cream in the states, and the chocolate topping was the perfect amount. Possibly they use whole milk in everything, or cream?



We are serious pros now and I could maybe get myself a few places alone by train, if it is a newer train that uses some English letters…the older trains are all in Japanese so we can’t tell if they are saying this exit Shibuya or next exit Shibuya. They announce the future stop so you can be ready.

Vincent tried train surfing earlier today, where you don’t hold the handles or the railing and you us balance so you don’t fall over into people when the train lurches. I bet you can get killer abs doing that.

We have reserved a room at an onsen? I’m not sure I spell things correctly here. So tomorrow night will be about an hour from here. We can spend the day relaxing and soaking in hot springs, and the night feasting and doing the same.

After all this walking around (my purse and my calves feel like a brick by the end of the day) we can all use a good soak in hot water.

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