Day 2: More Kichijoji, famous intersection…

We visited the library at this school. The architecture is neat. The building is supported by two beams and is all glass. It was warm inside, but we sat for a while and went online. Non-students are not allowed in the other sections.


Dain stopped at the cell phone store to preorder the new iPhone. He was in line an hour and was number 10 on the waiting list. I don’t think anyone got to order their phones because the system was so slow.


After Dain gave up on the iPhone line we went back to the train station.




I snapped a few pictures of this oft-photographed intersection as the masses crowded the street. It gets much more crowded on the weekends, this is a slow day!!

We hopped upstairs at the train station and stopped in this lovely pastry shop where we had apple pie and pumpkin. The pumpkin is less sweet than at home, but just as delicious.





We visited shops on a quest to find the most messed up English on a tshirt…found a few likely candidates, and ended the night back in Kichijoji on a cool street for Thai food.




3 comments on “Day 2: More Kichijoji, famous intersection…

  1. Mama Marquez says:

    We love every “bite” of this blog!!Thank you so much! Keep it coming!’
    Mama J

  2. Inez says:

    Great photos! I love how Japanese pastries aren’t cloyingly sweet. Have you been to Cream Pan in Tustin by the way?

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