Day 2: More Kichijoji, famous intersection…

We visited the library at this school. The architecture is neat. The building is supported by two beams and is all glass. It was warm inside, but we sat for a while and went online. Non-students are not allowed in the other sections.


Dain stopped at the cell phone store to preorder the new iPhone. He was in line an hour and was number 10 on the waiting list. I don’t think anyone got to order their phones because the system was so slow.


After Dain gave up on the iPhone line we went back to the train station.




I snapped a few pictures of this oft-photographed intersection as the masses crowded the street. It gets much more crowded on the weekends, this is a slow day!!

We hopped upstairs at the train station and stopped in this lovely pastry shop where we had apple pie and pumpkin. The pumpkin is less sweet than at home, but just as delicious.





We visited shops on a quest to find the most messed up English on a tshirt…found a few likely candidates, and ended the night back in Kichijoji on a cool street for Thai food.




Day 2: Kichijoji, Shibuya, Shinjoku…

So glad to have shoes off right now. We walked… I don’t even know how many miles but I’m grateful I considered comfort when packing. I am bummed I didn’t consider fashion. Everyone here is more trendy than me, and even though I’m a normal sized person, I’m pretty sure I won’t fit into any of the adorable shoes I keep seeing.

Plus I finally have a place to wear fun leggings and tights but I did not bring them!

We wandered around 5 areas today, including Kichijoji, Shibuya and Shinjoku, and two others I don’t remember. There were a ton of train rides and after a couple hiccups Vincent and I are pros at scanning our Suica cards.


While wandering, Vincent and I found this Irish pub!


I took this picture for my brother.

We also wandered into a noisy, smoky casino that was pretty full for a Friday afternoon. People were playing pachinko. We also went into the Gap, saw a Mcdonalds, Lush, The Body Shop, Starbucks all over that looks just like home, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.


We visited a few bookstores and I bought my first souvenir/Christmas present! From a store called BookOff. And all I know how to say is thank you, so when I was buying the book, Dain had to translate when the sales girl asked if I wanted a bag and I just stood there.


Halloween is coming!


We learned that there is a whole genre of manga for women. And I browsed a Real Simple magazine with Japanese style houses. The first bookstore we went to had 9 stories. We wandered 8 floors but the 9th was employees only.


We lunched at a nice Japanese restaurant where I had tuna and rice. Vincent had nishin?? (fish) udon. He said it was very salty. We also had green tea/matcha.

Drinks here are not as sweet but are just as tasty. We’ve had coca-cola, green tea, Thai iced tea and vitamin water. All of it is yummy but not overly sweetened like drinks in the US. I like it better.