Day 1: Singapore Air is lovely.

Singapore Airlines serves Ben and Jerrys ice cream!!! Not only that, but it came in my favorite 2 flavors — double fudge chocolate and cherry Garcia. Now that’s the way to a girl’s heart.

Our lunches came out in cute little boxes. I had fish, with potatoes, broccoli and a little roll. The other meal was some sort of beef dish with soup. That’s what Vincent had. We’ve also been given water, scotch, ginger ale and orange juice. One guess who ordered each 🙂

The staff is very nice, and we were given warm towels after takeoff.

We have about 5 hours left on the flight before landing. We are passing the time reading, playing computer games, reading, and watching movies. ( “Limitless” and “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” )

The screen on the back of the seat in front of me is set to “travel” so I can watch the tiny airplane move across Alaska and the Bering Sea toward Japan.

Our second meal was some sort of fish noodle thing. And then… They came around with snacks and I snagged Vickies salt and vinegar chips. Mmm.

It was raining when we arrived at Narita.


We are at the apartment now and it’s early morning but I slept 8 hours and now I am awake. We went to bed around midnight and I woke up at 8.

Today we will explore Kichijoji.

A few things I’ve noticed: light switches turn on sideways, futon mats are not uncomfortable and I am going to have to learn some Japanese to get around.

There’s a nice view of trees off the balcony.


This is in LAX before boarding.


Seriously reading. He only has a few chapters left in his book.


No makeup!


The view from our plane.