Leaving… on a jet plane…

That’s right! This time tomorrow I will be on a plane, headed around the globe to a completely foreign country. I don’t even speak the language. This will be interesting.

I also managed to lose my camera battery charger after Sedona, so the next photos you see from me may be from a shiny new one, if I don’t find the darn thing before we leave for the airport.

Like most of my life, I’ve overbooked just a teensy bit, so it’s gonna be crazy every minute leading up to getting on that plane. I worked 12.5 hours getting things set so I can leave my job for a couple weeks, and I’m scheduled to work about 6 hours today too, in addition to packing, purchasing, returning, all the last-minute preparations and finding my camera battery charger…. et al.

As I keep reminding myself, it’s all going to work out just fine.

Once we hit takeoff, I will relax!!!

Despite the nuclear reactor leakage and the hysteria following that news, I am still most excited to try authentic Japanese food.

And I cannot wait to sight-see, walk, run, explore, taste and experience everything possible in the coming days.

Here we come!

Loving this graphic I found on http://www.dimensionsguide.com


3 comments on “Leaving… on a jet plane…

  1. Ah, if I noticed earlier I could have told you things to do in Tokyo. I had a quick tour, four day tour of that city. Have fun!

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