Blog: Japan – Digital Nomad

If you, like me, were looking for more personal details about visits to Japan, check out this wonderful blog: Japan – Digital Nomad.

Gorgeous photos, personal thoughts and even a goodbye song! I can already tell I’m going to miss Japan when we leave. I wonder if I will miss the U.S.?


From 2011 04 New pig
From 2011 04 New pig

I know it’ll be tough being away from these little guys and their voracious appetites. I love the way Magellan flops his little butt down to be petted when he’s feeling cuddly.

And Charlie, who NEVER SITS STILL and will FIGHT YOU if you try to give him lovin’, until he exhausts himself running around and around and then he’s quite content being cuddled.

Leaving… on a jet plane…

That’s right! This time tomorrow I will be on a plane, headed around the globe to a completely foreign country. I don’t even speak the language. This will be interesting.

I also managed to lose my camera battery charger after Sedona, so the next photos you see from me may be from a shiny new one, if I don’t find the darn thing before we leave for the airport.

Like most of my life, I’ve overbooked just a teensy bit, so it’s gonna be crazy every minute leading up to getting on that plane. I worked 12.5 hours getting things set so I can leave my job for a couple weeks, and I’m scheduled to work about 6 hours today too, in addition to packing, purchasing, returning, all the last-minute preparations and finding my camera battery charger…. et al.

As I keep reminding myself, it’s all going to work out just fine.

Once we hit takeoff, I will relax!!!

Despite the nuclear reactor leakage and the hysteria following that news, I am still most excited to try authentic Japanese food.

And I cannot wait to sight-see, walk, run, explore, taste and experience everything possible in the coming days.

Here we come!

Loving this graphic I found on