I can’t believe it’s October




Wow. September came and went and I barely noticed.

In fact, I probably would still think we are in September if my roommate hadn’t done our apartment up like Haunted Mansion.

I jumped a good 3 feet when the metal skeleton fell off the front door the other day.
Sadly, with fall (oh, how I love fall! Seriously, is there anyone who does not rate fall the no. 1 season?) comes the end of harvesting.

I’m still getting a bunch of the juicy little yellow tomatoes, but barely any red or orange ones are left. It might have something to do with me forgetting to water, but I’m gonna say its the weather’s fault.

Anyway, these are my snack for tomorrow!

And I couldn’t NOT share a picture of the mutant ginormous (yes, dictionary, that is a word) blackberries from the market. Holy cow. They’re each, like, the size of 2 regular blackberries fused together. Scary.

And delicious.

And the final photo is from dinner. Cod, mac n cheese, and asparagus. Because we are adults, which means mac n cheese totally counts as part of a balanced meal!