Does mayonnaise go bad?




After a morning of last minute Halloween costume shopping, I find myself generally appalled at the lengths costume shops go to in making ‘sexy’ (read: skanky) versions of Halloween costumes.

Today, I kid you not, I saw a sexy version of Nemo from “Finding Nemo”… essentially this is an orange and white striped mini dress, with orange¬† bow trim. Yikes.


My costume is a little less provocative. And much less disturbing. Anyone want to guess?

The cure for all this hectic Halloween-ing is a leisurely BLT sandwich afternoon with one of my favorite people ūüôā

Which brings me to an important question: does mayo ever go bad?

Halloween on my mind

This is no surprise, but I LOVE this time of year!

And I can’t stop thinking about pumpkin patches, candy corn, sweet fresh apples and all the organizing, planning and fun of the holiday season. (What? You mean your idea of fun isn’t planning Christmas three months in advance? You poor thing.)

Cooler weather (just like warmer weather, spring, winter, etc…) also means pasta. Vincent didn’t know I had a bucketload of frozen tomatoes in my kitchen, so he brought by some garlic tomato sauce to go with tonight’s dinner.

We used my dad’s recipe for Parmesan chicken, and served it with pasta and tomato sauce. And wine. I made extra chicken and turned that into a sandwich for lunch at work today! Look at me, little miss productivity!


The ‘Tron’ soundtrack is playing as I type this. If only this post were so epic.


This last photo is cool only because I centered the reflection of the dining room light in the center of the glass, so it kind of looks like a teeny ping pong ball is floating in there.


As you can see, the Halloween decorations are on display. Since Halloween is like, tomorrow, and parties started last weekend, I’ve gotta ask. What is your Halloween costume??

Are you recycling old costumes? Do you trick or treat?

I’d tell you mine but I still have no idea what that will be…

The chill is in the air

Briskness has returned to the air. It may finally be time to get the winter clothes out of storage and start wearing scarves again!

Of course, now that I have typed that, we will have a heat wave.

Last night was chilly enough for me to pull out my big ‘ol college sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers.

After a year of freezing, I finally put my tomatoes of last year’s garden to use by making tomato sauce.

I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but I didn’t feel like pasta and I was cooking for one. I cooked some chicken, plain, and poured my homemade tomato sauce over it. Then I ate the whole concoction with some cornbread. Found the mix in the cupboard! Love when I buy things and then forget about them until the perfect moment.


The secret is to skin the tomatoes, which is pretty easy once they are frozen. Then, shake some garlic salt and other spices, to taste into the pot where your tomatoes are boiling down. Once you’ve got a good consistency, pour over cooked chicken!

Of course, while you do this the cornbread muffins are in the oven. Then enjoy!

Curling up with a familiar face: Comfort TV?

When I’m not feeling well, whether I’m sick or just feeling down, I turn to reruns.

From my seat bundled up on the sofa cushions, I grab the remote. Not to see what’s on, or to indulge in all the day time television I miss when I’m at work.

No, I look for reruns. Comfort television. Old episodes of “Gilmore Girls” (at this point they are all old, yes?), “Bewitched” or “Perry Mason.”

There’s something about knowing the characters, the theme song, knowing what’s going to happen over the course of an hour that’s calming. You don’t have to think about it or stress or worry about the characters because you already know the outcome (I suppose I really get into my TV shows. Even when I know the main character will live I still tense up when they inevitably get into bad situations. Good thing I don’t watch reality TV!).

Just as good as comfort food, and less calories!

Even when primetime tempts with new episodes, I’d rather save those for happier times and turn to Netflix for something I’ve seen before.

I thought it was just me. ¬†But the other day my sick boyfriend was watching old episodes of “The Simpsons.” He sat through a couple of them before switching to the UK “Top Gear.”

I asked if he’d like to watch something new, like “The Office” or a new-to-us episode of “Firefly.” We’re about a season behind on The Office and have been putting off finishing Firefly because once it’s over, well, there’s no more after the movie¬†Serenity.

Anyway… he said no, he wanted to watch them when he’s healthy so he can fully enjoy them. I completely agree.

Are we the strange ones or is this a pretty common occurrence? Is repeat television the best comfort activity?

Almost back to normal



It’s amazing how quickly we readjust to things.

A week ago we were on a plane, flying across the ocean in one very long day. Now, its back to work, hectic schedules and regular life.

That also means regular meals. I went on a bit of a grocery shopping spree, buying fruits like they’re goin’ out of style.

I also bought a cantaloupe on sale.

Then I read that people are dying from listeria on cantaloupes and promptly threw it out. I’d already eaten one piece and cut up the rest… but I couldn’t bite into it knowing there is a chance it could be contaminated. Crazy?

The first few days home I ate Jack in the Box and In N Out. It felt good to turn on the oven again for real food.

And yams! Delicious seasonal sweet yams with butter and brown sugar. A good contrast to the bell pepper salad and complement to the salmon with sweet dijon/syrup.

Fall leaves, fall colors, fall weather…

California hasn’t yet given up summer sun, but it’s beginning to get cooler.

Still, there’s a feel to the air that screams fall. It seems like everyone blogging has something to say about this favorite time of year.

Here’s a roundup of my top fall blog posts so far. If I’ve missed any, please let me know so I can add!

I adored the decorations, especially the tree branches and the front step pumpkins in this post from Loonyville.

Loonyville blog post on fall.

My friend over at Two Betties shared her fall favorites back in September. Who isn’t a fan of pumpkin spice drinks?

If you’re not in a spot where all the leaves change, the Fall Color Blog has you covered, with tons of gorgeous pictures (and potential computer/phone backgrounds) of fall foliage at its best.

I also enjoyed Self Magazine’s¬†suggestions of how to use canned pumpkin. Though I’ve heard rumors of a potential pumpkin shortage, it’s always good to have ideas on hand for when you can’t use up the gigantic can of pumpkin puree in one recipe.

And if you’re a fan of sweaters and scarves, the InStyle fall fashion guide shows bright colors everywhere this season. I’ve already got my scarves accessible and ready for the crisp fall mornings.

Don’t let us forget this oldie (I crack up every time I read this. Warning: Contains multiple¬†obscenities): It’s Decorative Gourd Season…¬†

My favorite line: “That shit is going to look so seasonal.”

Japan on my desktop

Now that all the pictures are uploaded and shared with family who I can’t inflict with the 800-some-photo slideshow, I’ve saved some as backgrounds for my phone and computer.

I am a huge fan of’s¬†Wallpaper Wednesdays and generally change my work computer to match their theme of the week. I find it refreshes my mind somehow and maybe, just maybe, makes me a¬†smidgen¬†more¬†productive.

But at home, I want personal. I want relaxing, and something to make me smile.

And I’m happy to share these pictures if you want a copy – just send me an email!

Here’s my desktop background, from our day visit to Kamakura.

Hokokuji temple, Japan

I am still debating which image will grace my cell phone background… Probably a photo from one of the temples. The city pictures are too busy for such a tiny screen!