Quick lunch in the office. Nothing to see here.

No, really. This is a pretty boring post. I ate lunch at my desk. This week, there is way too much work to do to be taking lunch breaks so I ate next to my keyboard and then continued doin’ the job.

By next week I will be IN JAPAN!!! With Vincent and our friend Dain. In TOKYO. Can you tell how excited I am?


Yea, that’s some serious excitement. It’ll be my first (but not last) trip out of the country and I have a shiny new passport I’m raring to get stamped.

I hear the fish from the island is not safe to eat due to the whole earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant destruction in March. The thing I was most excited about was visiting the fresh fish market and trying out native foods. I will do as much of that as possible and hopefully will not come back with high levels of radiation in my system.

Though honestly, fresh salmon straight out of the ocean might be worth it. Just a little bit.

We are planning to visit Tokyo and Kyoto, and have a very general list of things to do. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

For the next couple weeks, this space will turn into a travel blog as we chronicle our first overseas journey.

Without further ado (JAPAN, folks!) I present my oh-so-boring lunch:

Yup. Movin' along.

Quick and easy dinner

Here’s one you can freeze and eat later. This is a great alternative to eating microwave dinners, which I oh-so-often do.

My aunt gave me the recipe. You mix rice, beans, canned tomatoes and whatever else you want to throw in, into a pan on the stove. Mix in some taco or burrito seasoning to taste.

Once everything’s cooked, you put that mixture on a flour tortilla and top with cheese. It should melt right away but you can pop it in the microwave for a couple seconds to melt it. Then fold, top with sour cream and guacamole, and enjoy!

Later, you put spoonfuls of the mixture into Ziploc bags and freeze them. Then, take a tortilla to work with you, a little baggie of cheese and some topping, and with the help of a microwave you have a home cooked meal!

Cheesy goodness.On the stove.