Quick dinner: Asparagus and pasta

Yea, yea, I know. So much pasta on this blog. But I can’t promise things will change any time soon.

Dinner the other night was asparagus. I am quite proud as I did this perfectly. Cooked in the oven on a cookie sheet drizzled with olive oil and Italian herbs from a can. They were tender and moist and easy to cut through. I hate when asparagus gets stringy and tough. That is just the worst. Especially because then it gets stuck in your teeth when you are trying to chew through the pieces.

I would say asparagus was the main course, in my mind, but we also had pasta (again!) with shrimps cooked on the stove in a big ‘ol pan.

That's right. They taste even better than they look!


Shrimps, pasta, olive oil

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