Fall: Pumpkin bread

Well, Labor Day is past, so that means the summer is officially over.

Ironically, this tends to be the hottest part of the year. Just when I start to get excited about scarves and sweaters, new boots and hot tea in the cold evening, the sun seems to get closer.

Labor Day weekend was full of fair weather. A perfect amount of sun for swimming, visiting the fair and birthday parties. Not so hot you’re roasting, but hot enough to feel the warmth on your skin.

But the Tuesday following Labor Day we woke up to 95 degrees outside. And Wednesday was even hotter. What gives?

So though it’s sweltering outside, and I’m sequestered in air conditioning as long as humanly possible (and oh-so-grateful I don’t live on the East Coast or in the South), it’s never a bad time of year for pumpkin bread.

Canned pumpkin had been on sale a few times over the summer and we picked up the gigantic cans of the stuff just in case. My boyfriend’s mom has the best pumpkin bread recipe I have ever tried so the other night we popped this sucker in the oven and sat down to catch up on back episodes of The Office on Netflix¬†and debate keeping DVD service.

(Has anyone else been surprised at how heated people are getting about the Netflix price change? The cost increase sucks, but streaming just does not meet all my needs. Some people are shocked and appalled that I would continue subscribing to DVDs. They are not outdated, damn it. Besides, Grey Gardens is not streaming. And I’m not willing to give up gems like that.)

Flour, sugar, canned pumpkin ... all the usual suspects


In the oven.

Three didn’t seem a bit much when we were making them, but it turns out, two people cannot eat three loaves of pumpkin bread in a week. Even if it is scrumptious. And reminds them of fall.