Dinner: Onions and fish. And bell peppers

It’s been so long since I cooked this and took these pictures I’m honestly not really sure what the white fish is. So… we’ll just say it’s white fish. And I’m guessing it was cooked on the stove, with a little bit of butter, olive oil and truffle sauce.

To go with it, we had bell peppers, from the store. My bell pepper plant is puny and sad. I’m not really sure what I did wrong. It was doing really well, but the green bell pepper never turned red like it was supposed to. And it never got to the size I expected of it. And now my single lonely bell pepper is all shriveled up like a sad old lady.

The ones you see in the picture below came from the grocery store, but they were only $.50 each, so it was a steal.

Onions!!! Yum. And garlic.

Onions and wine. Great combination.

This reminds me. I did not cry while cutting the onions. Maybe I really am immune?

Bell peppers, onions, garlic and oil.

One day, the doctors are going to cut into my blood stream and find that the majority of my fluids are made of olive oil and wine.

Hm. Maybe that’s not good.

Done! That's a 20 minute meal. Top right is cheese bread fresh baked at the grocery store. I'm not even going to pretend I looked at the calories because honestly I don't want to know.