Birthday lunch at Anepalco’s Cafe

My actual birthday lunch was back in my actual birthday month. But, like I said, I’m a bit behind. You may have noticed a month of missing updates.

My family met for lunch and ridiculous conversation at a tiny little cafe called Anepalco’s I found on Yelp. It’s got great reviews. It doesn’t look like much on the outside. The Yelp listing says they have patio seating, but really it’s just a few tables they put outside the door in the walkway of the strip mall.

I was seriously considering scrapping the new restaurant idea and going to Corner Bakery, which *does* have outdoor seating, when they called our name.

And I am SO SO glad we didn’t go somewhere else. The food here was INCREDIBLE! So much flavor, and beautiful presentation.

Plus, the tables were pretty.

See? Lovely fake flowers to brighten up the indoor seating.

We can be a bit loud and obnoxious when we all get together, and my sister swears like a sailor, but no one at Anepalco’s seemed to mind. Or we were too busy laughing to notice the dirty stares šŸ™‚

Breakfast crepes. Mmmm.

The menu is HUGE and has tons of choices, from Mexican fare to French. I chose the crepes, which turned out to be a perfect choice. This is the Le Petit Dejeuner Crepe. Eggs, ham, cheese, bacon andĀ BearnaiseĀ sauce.

My mom and boyfriend got the Anepalco’s Chilaquiles, which is a specialty, judging by all the waiters wearing shirts with the dish on them.

I think this is the Anepalco's Chilaquiles, but it's been a while since I looked at these pictures.

When you decide to go, here’s the address:

415 South Main Street, Orange, CA

(714) 771-2333