Garden is winding down for the season

My garden is on it’s way out, I’m afraid.

I got these gross-looking bugs that kind of look like dinosaurs. Black with a hump, spikes and red dots. They can jump, but on the stem of my tomato plants they seem to congregate and attach, sucking the sap out of my plants. I think this is what they are. What’s That Bug? website identifies them as tree hopper nymphs.  My boyfriend tried to remove some from the stem using his hands and a paper towel, and said they are spiky. He could feel the poke through the paper towel. They also jump down, which can be shocking.

Bug spray seems to take care of them, but my tomato stem was left blackened and bruised. Does anyone have tricks to keeping them away in the first place? I had the same problem last year.

The strange part is, they don’t seem to be spreading to the other tomato plants in the yard.

Photo courtesy of What's That Bug?


Here’s a picture of some very green but soon-to-be-delicious tomatoe

These will turn yellow soon, and then I will eat them.