I broke the stove

I fell off the wagon on my goal of eating at work every day, bringing food from home. First, I ran out of food at home, then I had a few lunch outings (like this one) and … well … that 30 day challenge ended early.

I got back on the wagon just in time to head out for a week long family vacation in Sedona. The challenge continued pretty successfully once I returned, but I did not take pictures every day. Which is OK because I’m guessing you don’t need to know what I had for lunch every day.

I have a ton of catching up to do! There have been delicious meals, and vacation meals, and today I broke the stove.

Boyfriend had the grand idea of making pesto for dinner tonight. This is expected when you’re dating an Italian.

Pasta, pasta, everywhere.

We madeĀ linguine with pesto, with a real mortar and pestle, and fresh basil and an heirloom tomato for caprece salad. I may have bought an offbeat basil plant, because my basil leaves are puny compared to the one BF bought at Henry’s Market and planted promptly the next morning. His leaves are bushy, dark green and healthy-looking while mine are small and sad, light green and kind of taste like licorice. Did I maybe buy sweet basil or some variation?

Fresh basil (can you tell my plant from my boyfriend's plant?), with heirloom tomato that I grew, and mozzarella.

His basil is the one that went into the pesto. Holy moly. This is going to have to go into the dinner rotation because it was absolutely delicious. Light and garlicky with not too much olive oil. Just enough to coat the linguine without pooling in the bowl.


The recipe came from a book on Italian cooking that was a gift to my boyfriend from his grandparents.

In the bowl, all ready to be mixed in.

Mortar and pestle. This feels very old-school.

About that stove. Apparently you’re not supposed to get water INSIDE the thing, so while I was cleaning with a comically large sponge a bunch of water swooshed either under the cook top or underneath the knobs and shorted the stove, causing a near-constant clicking that was sure to drive me insane and end my relationship.

Luckily I have a Dad who knows about these things so in my panic he directed me to the circuit breaker box and helped me figure out what to turn off… The microwave one is the one that stopped the clicking. Not the one marked ‘OVEN’. Not the one I picked first, obviously šŸ™‚ SO for now the clicking is stopped and my sanity returned.

Until tomorrow when we turn the microwave breaker back on again, and pray we don’t hear any clicking. That sh*t will drive a person crazy.

CLICK CLICK CLICK every second. EVERY SECOND. Can you tell I’m glad it’s off?

And… here are the rest of the pictures, a little smaller. Click to enlarge!