Running behind




I have been a bit late in posting but one day soon I will catch up.

Today’s lunch is leftovers from dinner, which I’ll get around to posting  eventually. I am eating outside, in a moment of cherished silence as I sort of accidentally ditched the kid job-shadowing me, and my interns really need to learn to fend for themselves for an hour. Don’t worry, I’ll find them later.

Yesterday was the first not-from-home lunch since this started.

It couldn’t be helped. I met a former coworker for lunch, but stayed healthy with a spinach & apple salad.

Today’s breakfast: bagel & cream cheese

Lunch: chicken in basil cream sauce, honeydew, salad with fresh garden tomatoes!

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2 comments on “Running behind

  1. Michael Doss says:

    That looks delicious!

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