Sardines look a little sketchy but the  smoked Trader Joe’s version is delicious.

Since they were on sale I’m testing new flavors.

Today its sardines in mustard. This is not a light mustard sauce, like I imagined. This is like someone poured half a bottle of mustard into the sardine tin and sealed it shut. The mustard hasn’t permeated the whole fish so if I scrape off some topping I still have the mustard flavour and can taste the fish.

Because I actually like my coworkers I’m eating outside.

For the rest of the day I’m breathing really close to anyone who pisses me off 🙂 that’ll show ’em.

Breakfast: lemon poppyseed muffin
Lunch: sardines in mustard sauce, grapefruit, yogurt

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One comment on “Sardines!

  1. You know, sardines aren’t my favorite, they’re alright. But MUSTARD sardines? ew

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