I wrote a nice long post for you but my phone ate it.

Since I’m typing from my touch screen keyboard I have had a few almost auto-corrects.

Here is a sample of what you might have read:
Hurry = girth
Where = wherewith (um, maybe I should have used that!)
Plying = pluot
Lynch = lunch
Bourgeoisie, mountaineering and Capricorn are other gems but I don’t remember what word I was aiming for.



My boss called this morning as I was getting dressed and I had to hurry off to work in a rush. I forgot my yogurt in the refrigerator but luckily had packed most of lunch the night before.

Boyfriend was up last night working until after 4 am. We had a late dinner of salmon and zucchini with Henry’s market jalapeno cheese bread. We didn’t eat until midnight and his colleagues were over so I didn’t take any photos. I stayed up playing sudoku until 1 am but was too tired to make it any longer.

Today’s breakfast: instant coffee and a lunchable
Lunch: a dinosaur pluot, nectarine and Lean Cuisine sandwich

The photos are lunch and my lovely lunch tote I got for subscribing to SELF magazine.

The tomato! No, I’m not biting into a raw tomato. A very kind coworker gave me the fruit. It was grown by her father-in-law.

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