Learning to eat well.



Day 3 and I am hungry! All this fruit is not enough to fill me up. A friend pointed out today that fruit has carbs, but not the nice fluffy bready kind that keep me full.

Being hungry is not helping me deal with needy interns who sometimes ask the dumbest questions. Just let me slap someone. Just one. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Granted, I didn’t eat lunch until almost 4 pm. Today was a Lean Cuisine of lemon chicken and rice. It was delicious and reminded me of vegan lemon “chickn” I have had at a restaurant nearby.

I also ate the other grapefruit half, a banana and a bag of kettle corn found in a desk drawer. And a yogurt. And a bite-sized milky way.

Maybe I need more time. It’s only day 3. But do I need a whole grocery bag of food to stay full through the day?

Stay tuned….

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