Dinner: French onion soup

Yes, it’s summer and yes, it’s hot outside.

But it cooled down to the 50s and soup seemed like a good plan. Plus, I love onions. And the burn of the onion afflicted everyone else in the room but me, which must mean…

I’ve developed a super power that allows me to chop onions without crying!

Life-long goal achieved!

Just kidding.

Boyfriend made cod, cooked in a pan with butter, lemon juice and a teeny bit of imitation white truffle sauce. Mmm.

And I bought green beans from Henry’s Farmers Market, boiled in a pot with garlic salt, pepper and Italian herbs.  It all came out incredible. Especially the fish. Flaky and soft, sweet and light. Great job.

The beans were tasty, too, but they cooled down very quickly once I took them off the stove. Not sure how to keep them warm on the table for longer.

Either way, the meal was a serious success.

Onions in a ridiculously large pot.


Washed and ready to cook.


Making crusty bread from tiny bread rolls and melting cheese in the oven.


Clearly that fish is not ready to eat yet.

Beef broth has been added.


Ding! The green beans are done!


French onion soup


A little blurry, but not bad. I should add that our recipe comes from AllRecipes.com. Just search “French onion soup” and pick the highest rated recipe.

Bon appetit!

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