Oatmeal cookies as promised

Turns out, cookies aren’t as easy as you think they are. Only they kind of are anyway.

My boyfriend acquired one of those cookies in a jar, where all the dry ingredients are in a glass jar lookin’ kinda cool and all you have to do is add the wet stuff.

So without reading the directions, we poured everything out into a large mixing bowl and started adding butter, an egg… and then I read that you’re supposed to mix all the wet stuff together before slowly adding the dry stuff.


So I pulled out the butter and the bits of dry powders that were stuck to the egg, and put them in a smaller bowl to mix by machine. Added the vanilla extract to the wet bowl, then realized we can’t add the dry ingredients to the smaller bowl because it won’t fit.

So we poured the wet stuff into the larger dry bowl and re-mixed that way, with a wooden kitchen spoon.
In essence, we nearly completely ignored the directions for oatmeal cookies, but they still turned out pretty darn tasty.

Have a look:

Scoops of fat, with some egg.

This does not really need a caption, does it?

Melting in the oven!


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