Quick dinner: Canned clams, pasta, homegrown zucchini

Dinner didn’t happen until around 10pm, which was OK because we snacked.
When it was finally time to cook *someone* was so hungry we opted for the quick & easy menu. Dinner was clams from a can, fresh homegrown zucchini from my aunt’s garden, asparagus from the Farmer’s Market, and light seasoning. Oh, and tiny French baguettes from Fresh & Easy. Perfect size for one person. And we didn’t even finish them.

Clam sauce, with more clams than a sauce really needs.

The clam sauce had about 2 cans of canned clams in it, so it was more like pouring a little bit of sauce and a lot of clam on top of the pasta. But that meant I could scoop a bunch of clams up with my fork and eat them.

In the pan. A little foggy because of the heat on my camera lens.

The zucchini my aunt grew is gigantic! Seriously. Huge. I’ll have to take a picture of the behemoths before I eat them all. The smallest of the three I brought home was big enough to feed two people as a side dish.

This is the carb-heavy side of the plate. The vegetables are hiding.

The veggies! They *do* exist!

Next up: I don’t entirely screw up oatmeal cookies!

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