No, Juice It Up, I will not buy one.

Happy (almost) birthday to meeeee!!!!!

Part of the awesome birthday month perks is getting free stuff because you were born. I thank my parents for this. People give you stuff, you get to do something fun, and there’s CAKE.

What’s better than that?

Probably nothing.

But birthday freebies come in pretty close. So I have signed up for some of those lists that get you yearly birthday perks, coupons and other fun, free stuff.

I was excited to open Juice It Up’s email that said Happy Birthday, Click here for your free smoothie.

I clicked.

And I was disappointed.

It’s a buy one get one free offer. Similar to many other offers I get from them throughout the year. I suppose I can blame this on the economy.

Now, if I want my birthday smoothie, I have to go to Juice It Up with someone who is buying a smoothie in order to get my free one.

This year I’ll stick to making smoothies at home.

Get ready for your own birthday by signing up for some of these freebies. Your existence qualifies you for some free sh*t. đŸ˜‰

Birthday freebies

Freebies 4 Mom

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