Goin’ on a bug hunt…

Last night, my boyfriend & I went worm-hunting. For tomato hornworms.

I know they are on my plants. I have seen the damage. Now it is time to find the buggers.

We crept outside with one small flashlight and a pair of gardening gloves and proceeded to go leaf-by-leaf through the heaviest tomato bush. We found some nice-looking cannibal spiders. One spider ate the other spider by the time we finished poking around. Gross.

And we saw some other bugs I didn’t recognize.

Then we spotted it – a little light green line, barely discernible from the leaf it was eating. Boyfriend didn’t want to crush it because it was too tiny and cute, but I’ve seen the damage these can do and I was ready to squash it under my foot before my tomatoes nourished it to the size of my thumb.

Instead, we compromised. I let him drop it gently over the fence.

Since we didn’t take any photos, you can get a good idea from this photo by Buglady1104 on Flickr. Ours didn’t have the black thing sticking to it.

baby hornworm

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